Update 6.0.9 for Block Strike

Friends! We are delighted to announce the release of a new update for our favorite game, Block Strike. The new version of the game 6.0.9, updated on March 21, 2019.

Recently, developers have become frequent with the release of updates for Block Strike. But this is due to only one reason – version 6.0.0 has become very large-scale for the game and brought many changes and innovations, the main of which is the transfer of the game to the new engine.

The new engine for the game promises a lot of trouble and difficulties, although of course the benefits from this are much greater. For example, the game interface was improved, new features were added, the graphics stabilized. But nevertheless, as it usually happens in the process of work, minor bugs and errors arise, which ultimately interfere with the stable operation of the game. To avoid such a situation and to “fix” the game, the developers released update 6.0.9, which is intended to eliminate all sorts of problems and bugs.

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