Update 5.2.5 for Block Strike

Friends! On July 1st, a new update for Block Strike was released. The current version of the game for today 5.2.5. In this patch, the developers made several changes, as well as added two innovations.

What’s new in Block Strike 5.2.5?

  • Added custom maps

Perhaps this is the most important innovation in this update. Custom maps – this is one of the most popular and favorite features in games for many players, so the developers of Block Strike decided to add this feature to their game. What are custom maps? Custom maps are an opportunity to create your own map and load it into the game. How does this happen? You create your map and load it into the game, if other players have found it and downloaded it, you can play it.

Important! On custom maps, you can play for fun and share them with players, but here you can not earn money.

  • Added new skins for players.
  • The interface of the case is also changed
  • Improved DeathRun mode

Video review of update 5.2.5


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