Block Strike 5.0.2

Update 5.0.2 for Block Strike

Finally, the developers of Block Strike crossed the rubicon and released the long-awaited version 5.0.2, which we waited more than one month. No more minor changes – today, there will be a lot of them and they will be significant from changed maps to weapons.

What’s new in Block Strike 5.0.2?

  • Four maps have been changed:
    • Dust card (old Bust)
    • Dust 2×2
    • Skyline
    • Rast
  • Completely redesigned game menus.
  • Also changed was the game interface
  • Now the sight can be changed and adjusted
  • The following weapons have been changed:
    • AUG
    • Magnum
    • P90
  • Silver coins removed from the game
  • In some cases, the percentage of objects dropped out

Download the updated Block Strike here

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