Update 5.0.0 for Block Strike

Friends! I’m sure we are all eagerly waiting for the update to version 5.0.0. As practice shows, developers always, always in such anniversary updates do something special for the game. We means update version 5.0.0 should be large-scale and global. While the author is silent about what exactly will be in this version, but that something special and it is a fact.

We did not wait for official news about patch 5.0.0, but we decided to assume that it will change and express our wishes about the future patch.

Update 5.0.0 for Block Strike

  • Add the function to change the account.

If the player wants to add a new account to the game, he needs to delete the old one. This is not convenient and not entirely practical, so this possibility would be very useful.

  • The designation of points A and B

New players who did not play Counter Strike simply do not know where the points A and B are. This function would make it easier for them to search for points A and B. Imagine the situation: one of your team was under fire, he covenanted to help and says that he is at point A, but since you do not know where it is you can not help him.

  • Adding a first person mode

For example, you play in the classic mode and you want to see where your team is located, this can only be viewed from a third party. If the developers added the function of the regime from the first person after your destruction – it would be cool.

P.S. We hope for an early release of the patch 5.0.0. As soon as this happens we will surely let you know.

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