Block Strike is a game with virtual worlds like Minecraft and a shooter with great opportunities for a player like Strike, but only for Android. In the game, Block Strike the player will play in the first person. You are waiting for a fighting action with the main task to destroy all the terrorists who are trying to capture the whole world. You are an agent of the security and at your disposal a large selection of weapons and equipment to protect yourself and the world.

How to play Block Strike

Block Strike play online:

There are a lot of very similar shooters on Block Strike in which you can play online directly from your browser. Below you can watch and play in some of them:

If you use a lot of money mod, you will have a great opportunity to test the entire range of weapons for free and explore all the worlds available for the extermination of terrorists. Block Strike is an excellent game with lots of modes and localization.

Block Strike – great game for a wonderful time

Many players are interested in the question: Is it possible to play Block Strike online ? We answer – no. Block Strike is a program that you can play only by using the online service. To begin with, you need to download the game (we have only the current versions of Block Strike on our site), then install it and only then you can enjoy the game process using the Internet connection.

If you think that you can play Block Strike online in the window of any browser – then it’s not. In its entirety, the game weighs a few Gb.