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How to update Block Strike to beta version 4.2.5?

As we already wrote Block Strike 4.2.5 is a beta version. Download which you can now. But how to properly install and finally take part in beta testing? Today we will talk about this.

To update the version to 4.2.5, you need to find the application on Google Play, then go to the bottom of the page (after similar applications) to find the message: “Become a beta tester”, and click Join. After you join the test, you will come back and then you will have to wait a few minutes (a couple of minutes) to free up the testing space, as it is limited.

Wait for a while and then Update will appear instead of Open. That’s the whole method. After you update the version there will be news about the update 4.2.5, what’s new, where you can see all the changes coming in the patch.

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