The well-known studio for the development of mobile applications Rexet Studio, it seems able to conquer a new peak and create a real hit. This is a Block Strike game. Initially, the shooter was planned, as an ordinary shooter, but in the end, it turned out something much more original.

Now on Google Play registered more than five million downloads and this number is growing rapidly every day. And this can mean only one thing – the product is really high-quality, and the fact that it keeps afloat for a long enough period of time shows that the game does not become obsolete due to constant updates both of the gameplay component and graphics.

Download Block Strike latest version:

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At the heart of the game is a shooter, but thanks to the many modes of Block Strike combines many genres. What can I say, if the game for mobile phones. There are 18 modes. Not every game on the computer has such a variety, in addition to Block Strike in the presence of 40 maps.

Also, the game has a full customization of the characters, and many skins for weapons. This will help each player to personalize his character.

After the first launch of Block Strike, the user is offered to undergo basic training, which will allow him to learn the basics of the game. It takes quite a bit of time, after that the player will be immediately allowed to join the server, or create your own. By the way, you can put a password on the server and play only with your friends.

For each battle, the player receives a precious experience and coins, which will be useful for the already mentioned personalization.
In graphic terms, the game looks pretty nice (as for playing mobile devices), but it is not too demanding on resources. On a smartphone 7 years ago to play certainly does not work, but even on budget devices in recent years the game will go completely without bugs.

In conclusion, Block Strike is an almost perfect game, but it is still developing. In Rexet Studio are not going to throw their project and regularly throw up new chips that do not allow the game to bore already registered users, and also helps to win a new audience.

Download Block Strike, both on Android and on iOS and you definitely will not regret it