Block Strike 4.5.1. Update

We’ll hurry to share the latest news about Block Strike game. Today, October 2nd – MicroPack for Block Strike came out, so the latest version 4.5.1. What caused the micro update release. All the matter is that in the patch 4.5.0, which by the way was 2 weeks ago, there were some errors and bugs.

Let me remind you in patch 4.5.0 – the developers released 2 weapons: a sniper rifle and an automatic machine. Immediately after the release of the patch, players began to report about small bugs, the operation of weapons and the game out of Block Strike, so it was decided to release an additional update to fix all these malfunctions. In this way, update 4.5.1 appeared.


As you have noticed anything global and large in this patch is not present. But for the game to work correctly, it is very important, so you need to delete the old version and download the new one.

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