Update 5.5.1 for Block Strike

September 19th there was a new update for Block Strike. The current version of the game 5.5.1

What’s new in Block Strike 5.5.1?

  • Developers have changed the interface of the game to a more convenient and comfortable for the users
  • In some weapons were changed the characteristics
  • The M4A1 weapon was changed
  • Developers added skins and stickers for weapons
  • There was a regime that allows you to capture football
  • There was a review from the first person
  • Fixed some minor bugs

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Update 5.4.5 for Block Strike

Hello everyone, developers are not tired of improving the game by releasing new updates. In the patch block strike 5.4.5 you expect a lot of new content, as well as fixes and updates of the existing one.

What’s new?

  • Added:
    • Office map (Beta)
    • skins on weapons
    • stickers on arms
    • Google account profile photo
    • the ability to turn off chat filtering

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