Update 5.2.7 for Block Strike

We have another update. Meet Block Strike under version 5.2.7. Recall that in the update 5.2.5, developers added an important element – custom maps. For those who do not know yet, custom maps allow the player to create their own version of maps and play them together with friends. Here you cannot get scores, but you can have a good time and have fun. But in the previous update 5.2.6, unfortunately, there were errors and problems related to this innovation.

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Update 5.2.6 for Block Strike

The players had rejoiced in the update 5.2.5 when suddenly the developers released a new patch. Meet Block Strike with the new version of the game 5.2.6.

What’s new Block Strike 5.2.6?

  • changed interface
  • Now it has become more convenient. When creating custom maps, now you need to tick in a certain place.
  • Three new maps have been added. All the maps are completely different and do not resemble each other.
  • Fixed some bugs.
  • To test the new version you need to follow the link below, delete the previous version and download a new one.

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