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Block Strike 6.3.2 is a very entertaining online shooter from the studio Rexet Studio, which you may be familiar with such applications as DeathRun Portable, MurderGame Portable and Slender: The Corridors

In this stunning shooter, you need to destroy your opponents in various modes and on various maps in any way.

Block Strike to many may initially seem portrayed with a PC contrast with the graphics of the Minecraft, but in fact, everything is much more unique and original. Yes, the main goal of victory, and to achieve victory in this game can only be defeated by the enemies. But many modes (there are 18), just will not let you get bored.

Block Strike on Android – to play a shooter on a smartphone is not so bad?

Everyone knows, the main problem of shooters on phones – uncomfortable management. It so happened that it is possible to play simulator games only with a mouse, but the users of the set-top boxes (will forgive me) but even on joysticks for Xbox and SonyPlaystation it is quite difficult to shoot accurately, what to speak about smartphones.

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The game Block Strike has more than 15 modes

Therefore, the developers of the game need to express a special respect, for the fact that they did a really great job and provided maximum comfort for the players in this aspect.

Game modes:

Team Deathmatch
In this mode, players are divided into two teams and play rounds until one of the teams reaches the required number of murders. Players respawn immediately after death.

Death Run
Here you will need to overcome the obstacle course and reach the finish line.

But this is a real CS, two teams are fighting for victory. If the player is killed, wait until the end of the round.

A fascinating match in which one team needs to have a bomb in a limited time and the second team must accordingly prevent mining.

Zombie Survival
Here the players are divided into survivors and zombies – to play interesting for both teams.

Knife Mode.
In this mode, players have only one weapon – a knife. The team that will be able to achieve the specified number of kills of the opponent will win. Users engage in battle immediately after death. You will not have to miss.

AWP mode.
All as in Knife Mode, but instead of knives players have sniper rifles.

Gun Game.
And again everything is the same as in the previous two game types, but now on the pistols.

And this is a truly original mode, which I have not seen before in any game. Users are divided into teams of hunters and victims. But this division is rather arbitrary.

Interesting and fan mode. The main thing is random. Participants of the battle after each resurrection are given a random weapon, it can be, an AK-47, or an ordinary stick – as lucky.

Bunny Hop
Probably the most greatly match. To win, you just need to jump to the finish line on special platforms, but it’s so difficult. In general, nervous, pregnant and old, it is better do not to play.

Hunger Games
Everything is clear from the title. Still watching the “Hunger Games?”. In this mode Block Strike there are no teams, each for himself and win only one.

Like Knife Mode, AWP mode and Gun Game, only the type of weapon that players will receive is determined by the server creator.


Developers managed to cram into their offspring and the most popular sport. As in this football players need to send the ball into the opponent’s goal, that’s just kicking the game attribute will not have to kick, but a knife.

Can you single-handedly cope with a whole crowd of enemies? Then this mode of Block Strike is for you.

You can put in a row with Bunny Hop, get to the finish will be only after a lot of defeats. Dark Souls is resting.

Mini games
A set of various cool tests that will help to pass the time in class =)

How to install:

  1. Download the APK file to your phone or tablet
  2. Find and run the APK file. It can be found using the file manager of your mobile device. Most likely it is in the Downloads directory on your SD-card or in the internal memory
  3. Install the game (during installation, a window may pop up warning about installing the application from an unknown source to remove it, go to the security settings and tick off the option “unknown sources”)
  4. Enjoy the game and tell friends about it.


On our site, there is a special section filled with Apk game files of various versions. And also by clicking on this link you can download various buns in the form of modified files that unlock textures, premium skins for weapons, give gold, etc.

Block Strike
Block Strike has more than 40 maps

All files that are available to you for download are stored on our server, which is configured so that the download to your device lasts as short as possible. Each file has been thoroughly tested by several antiviruses and therefore we can guarantee that your device will not be damaged.

Trailer 2017:

System requirements:

Below you can get acquainted with the system requirements of the game, looking at them you can even find out whether it will work on your device before installing the application.

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Summing up the results:

Probably many wanted to play Counter-Strike on the phone. The game Block Strike looks like it. But this game can not be called an online shooter because it is just full of different modes. Here you is a shooter, runner, zombie action, and football.

Block Strike Game
Block Strike. Mod Team battle to the death

It will not be boring even after several hours of play, in addition, Rexet Studio employees constantly release updates that add new modes, maps and other less important things, such as weapon skins and colors for character customization. Despite the excellent graphics, the game is rather loyal to not the most powerful mobile devices and will go without lags even on budget devices. The main thing is to have a stable Internet connection.

Block Strike is certainly a successful project, which, have rich gameplay, that is not inferior to many games that are popular with gamers on PCs. Of course, there are some disadvantages, for example, advertising after disconnecting from the server, but these are trivia, and they do not seriously spoil the gameplay. Our portal recommends to download Block Strike and try yourself against live enemies from all over the world.